Allen Catalogue Featuring Eric's Storage 16ft Skiff

Author: DeckHardware   Date Posted:18 January 2021 

10 Years ago Mel was on her way to the Dusseldorf Boat Show to meet up with Allen confirming we would be part of the Distribution Network moving forward.

Allen Catalogue with Eric's Storage on the CoverToday we have received the latest Allen Catalogue and to our surprise, Eric's Storage the 16ft Skiff features on the front cover!  The amazing shot was taken by Michael Chittenden and sent over to Allen by Nathan who crews on the boat.

Whilst Nathan is in regular contact with Allen, seeing them on the cover was a total surprise to us all. We had thought maybe it would be included within. It is an amazing recognition for all the support, time and belief Nathan has given to us and Allen. 

We could not be more excited about seeing an Aussie Boat on the Cover to celebrate our 10 years with Allen. Over that time, Allen has become a HUGE part of everything we do and we not only consider them great Business partners but also wonderful friends.

Huge thanks to Chitts for as always capturing the great Aussie Skiffs action.

Whilst we joke about Eric's Storage Team being our Test Dummies, the feedback they provide has been invaluable along with many other Skiff Sailors. A massive thanks must also go to Peter Tinworth from Eric's Storage for also having faith in what we were doing. 

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Nathan representing Allen

We proudly support the Aussie Skiffs

16′ skiffs are a uniquely Australian high performance three man dinghy and the class has a long history being sailed for over 100 years. During this time the class has seen many developments.

Visit their Website to learn more about the 16's. Allen Aussie Skiffs