Wind and Weather Instruments.

Wind, temperature, pressure, humidity... Sometimes mother earth puts obstacles in the way when we want to do an outdoor activity. 

Of course, we cannot influence what the weather will be like. On the other hand, we can ensure mastering the element at a specific time to be sure that the weather on site is ideal to practice our activity.

This is where JDC electronics instruments play a part in giving you exact instantaneous weather performance. With 35 year's experience in developing and manufacturing measurement device, JDC's swiss know-how act as an instrument for furthering all you need to know, at the moment you need it.

Kitesurfing, paragliding, sailing, running, trekking, biking, skiing, shooting, hunting, golfing, flying, camping, agriculture, building activity...

Be professional, be safe, control your environment.  - Skywatch instruments.

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