16ft Skiff Fitout

16ft Skiff fitout in Allen and LIROS Ropes. We proudly work with a number of Aussie Skiffs and regularly sponsor their racing.

16ft Skiff Fitout with Allen and LIROS Ropes16ft Skiff Fitout with Allen and LIROS Ropes

Should you have any questions please get in touch. There are different options and setups out there.

16ft Skiff FleetAbout the 16ft Skiff

16′ skiffs are a uniquely Australian high performance three man dinghy and the class has a long history being sailed for over 100 years. During this time the class has seen many developments.

Today’s skiffs have a three person crew, two on trapeze, and large mast head assymetrical spinnakers.

16ft skiffs are one of the most popular boats sailed in Australia with fleets in NSW and Queensland. There are currently over 80 boats registered through 9 clubs and regattas regularly attract fleets of up to 45 boats. Most 16ft sailing clubs have excellent facilities and actively support sailing in other smaller dinghy classes.

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