Sky Duo

LIROS Sky Duo newly developed LIROS 'half' rope for double rope applications.  

Lowest weight for advanced/aggressive climbers.  Manufactured according to DIN EN 892.  CE approved.

Double rope:  Rope for double line systems, consisting of two sections with the lead climber securing the center.  Two climbers can then each secure one section.  To reduce drag, attach one section only.  Great for mountain touring or for long climbing routes, where you want to rappel.  Also recommended for securing unsafe points (eg while ice climbing).  Connecting only one section will reduce impact force.

  • impact force (55 kg on one rope) 5.1kN
  • UIAA rated 18 falls (norm ≥ 5 falls)
  • LIROS DryRope System
  • extremely resistant against sharp edges
  • weight:  48 g/m
  • black midpoint marking
  • durable easy handling
  • twist-free
  • manufactured to DIN EN 892
  • dynamic stretch:  35%
  • 80 kg stretch factor:  11.5%
  • cover movement:  0 mm
  • cover ration:  38%

Sky Duo 50m

Sky Duo 50m

From $422.35

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Sky Duo 60m

Sky Duo 60m

From $464.00

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