Ball Valve

Forespar® MF 850 series of Ball Valves are precision moulded in Marelon®.

Great strength, light weight, easy installation and maintenance as well as freedom from corrosion and electrolysis creates the ideal valve for controlling inlet and outlet water flow above and below the waterline.

The operating temperature range of Marelon® is -40° F to +176°   (-40°c to +80°c), making the valves reliable in every climate and season.  

Marelon® Valves and Fittings
Almost all Marelon® valves, thru-hulls and fittings use NPSM parallel thread forms that require thread compound or Teflon® tape to seal. There are two exceptions to using parallel threads in Marelon®. Forespar's Marelon® “93 Series” plumbing system comes standard with buttress threaded thru-hulls that mate to buttress threaded valves. And Forespar Marelon® “HC Series” line of reducing tailpipes all employ true NPT tapered threads.

British vs United States Parallel Thread Standards

The American NPSM parallel thread standard has a thread flank angle of 60°. The British Standard Pipe, or BSP standard for parallel threads has a thread flank angle of 55°. Identification can also be made by inspecting the root and crest of the threads. The truncation of the root and crest of American standard threads are flat. The truncation of the root and crest of British standard threads are round. 

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Valve Maintenance: All Forespar Valves are non-corrosive, but like any moving part in a marine environment they require regular inspection and lubrication. Do not fail to actuate the handle and lubricate the seals on a regular schedule.