Y-Valve and Connectors

Forespar® 'Y'-Valves and Connectors are moulded from Marelon®. Offering an improved, stronger handle design, Forespar valves are available in 1" (24.50mm) and 1-1/2" (38.00mm) barb size. 'Y'-Valves are an essential piece of equipment when the flow of water or other fluids are required to be conveniently diverted, as in a marine head application where a holding tank is utilized.

They are easily mounted to a bulkhead. The valves are operated by a simple 120° movement. Positive stops are provided between positions. Replacement parts are available. 

Forespar Connectors can be used for connecting fluid lines. End plate may be removed for blockage relief etc. O-ring seal ensures leak free performance and is safe under pressure working conditions up to 40 P.S.I Available with or without mounting flange.

It is not recommended to install Y-Valves below the waterline.

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