LIROS Rock new design from LIROS.  Powerful single rope for the classic climber. 

Perfect cost-benefit balance.  Manufactured to DIN EN 892.  CE approved.

Single rope:  rope suitable for single-line climbing, providing optimal 'rope drag' control.  For all difficult straight-line climbs, or easy routes with no belaying/rappelling points, requiring a single-line approach.  A favourite among sport climbers.

  • impact force (80kg) 8kN
  • UIAA rated 8 falls (norm ≥ 5 falls)
  • resistant against sharp edges
  • weight:  65g/m
  • black midpoint marking
  • durable easy handling
  • twist-free
  • manufactured to DIN EN 892
  • dynamic stretch:  37%
  • 80kg stretch factor:   9.5%
  • cover movement:  0mm
  • cover ration:  36%