LIROS Wall, powerful single rope specially designed for the indoor climber. 

Sturdy, abrasion resistant cover.  Perfect cost-benefit balance.  Manufactured to DIN EN 892.  CE approved.

100% longer useful life for indoor ropes!  Today indoor climbing walls are nearly everywhere.  With top roping, the rope is nearly continuously in the same location and is subject to frequent, small drops.  LIROS has developed an abrasion-resistant cover to extend the life of the rope compared to standard climbing lines.  Perfect cover-core attachment to eliminate the "sock effect" where the cover becomes shorter than the core.   The cover must not be cut!

  • impact force (80 kg) 8.4kN
  • UIAA rated 8 falls (norm ≥ 5 falls)
  • extremely low core-cover movement 
  • extremely resistant against sharp edges
  • weight:  71 g/m
  • strong and easy to handle
  • twist-free
  • manufactured to DIN EN 892
  • dynamic stretch:  36%
  • 80kg stretch factor:  8.5%
  • cover movement:  0mm
  • cover ratio:  47%