Offroad Performance

LIROS Offroad Performance, LIROS XTR Towing has been developed in collaboration with the best teams in international desert rallying.

Successfully tested with the most prestigious teams.  LIROS XTR Towing is 100% textile high-strength material.  It replaces heavy wire ropes and steel fittings.  The tow integrated LIROS Soft Shackle enable a fast and secure connection.  Best handling thanks to low weight.

  • flexible and lightweight with maximum breaking load
  • two integrated LIROS Soft Shackles
  • high-tech Material Dyneema® 
  • low noise and easy handling
  • minimise the risk of injury due to use of 100% textile fibres
  • no metal components to avoid scratching the paint  

Soft shackle Offroad XTR video


Offroad Performance 12mm

Offroad Performance 12mm