Offroad XTR

LIROS Offroad XTR 100% Vectran® winch rope special braid with utility patent protected end connection without metal parts. 

The easy-to-use LIROS Soft Shackle ensures a permanently secure connection.

  • flexible and lightweight with extreme breaking load
  • permanently integrated high-strength LIROS Soft Shackle 
  • constructed from high-tech material Vectran® extremely heat resistant
  • low noise and easy handling
  • minimal (minimise the) risk of injury due to use of 100% textile fibres
  • no metal components to prevent scratching the paint
  • signal colour "red" for safe and fast work in the field and in poor visibility
  • registered design (DPMA)

Soft shackle Offroad XTR video

Offroad XTR 9.4mm  27m

Offroad XTR 9.4mm 27m