D-Pro-XTR Dyneema® SK99

D-Pro-XTR is a 12-plaited hollow-braid Dyneema® SK99 line with highly durable XTR Grip Coating. Well-suited as a replacement for steel and hard shackles. D-Pro-XTR is the ultimate line for applications that require the least stretch. 

  • LIROS Dyneema SK99
  • extremely high breaking load
  • Grip Factor 3
  • extremely low stretch
  • very light weight
  • easy to splice
  • no water absorption
  • easy to cover with Protect-XTR
  • ideal for heavy terminals when tailored
  • Stretch < 1.0%

As an innovative company, LIROS pioneered the technical braiding with the extremely high-strength fibre Dyneema®. LIROS aim to replace wire cables with textile alternatives. Heat treatment and coating can also greatly enhance the technical properties for many applications.

Use LIROS D-Pro NC Static 01504 for standing loads

Material: Dyneema® SK99

Construction: 12 plaited

Code: 01514