SkyDock 3:1 System

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It is perfect for use in any space with a ceiling height up to 4m/13ft. From home applications in garages, sheds, barns and lofts to commercial uses in yards, marinas, yacht clubs and warehouses.

It smoothly lifts bulky and awkward objects or loads, out of the way, from the floor or roof of your car, to stow them up high until needed again. It is ideal for dinghies, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, camping equipment, roof boxes, bicycles, garden furniture, horse saddles, pallets of assorted bits and pieces and literally anything else that needs to be stored out of the way – but retrieved easily and smoothly when needed.

Available with a 3:1 purchase system for great value or a premium 4:1 system for effortless lifting power. Both come with a unique self-locking block, meaning loads can be raised by one person without stress. If the control line is released the locking block firmly holds the load, stopping items from falling. For ultimate security, a fixed wall cleat is supplied to tie off the line.

Easy to install with a video guide available for assistance, the clever design enables flexible installation of the fixed eyes to suit the layout of weight bearing roof beams. This ensures loads are lifted equally and evenly.

1 x N09411 SkyLock self locking block

5 x eye bolts

4 x N01130 Size 1 single block with swivel

1 x N01131 Size 1 single block with swivel and becket

1 x custom 2 sheave deck organiser

2 x hex head bolts for above

2 x webbing straps with buckle adjuster

1 x 10m control line in black

1 x 10m lifting line in blue (back)

1 x 8m lifting line in blue (front)

1 x horn cleat 130mm with 2 x screws 

SKU: B-41200

SKU B-41200
Brand Barton Marine
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