CF 250 1" Thru-hull BSP

  • Style:  Flush head
  • Size:  1"(25.4mm)
  • Thread:  BSP
  • A:   2.835 (72mm)
  • B:   0.875 (22.22mm)
  • C:   0.320  (8.1mm)
  • D:  2.375  (60.32mm)
  • H:  1.285  (32.63mm)  

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Forespar® series of Thru-hull connectors are precision moulded in high strength Marelon®.

Their great strength, light weight and complete freedom from corrosion and electrolysis make them the ideal Thru-hull connectors for use above or below waterline.  All thru-hull connectors must be installed with proper bedding compound. 

SKU: FS906004

Forespar® accepts no responsibility for valve or thru-hull components which are improperly installed, tampered with or have inadequate access for service and maintenance.

Thread size:  1"  (25.4mm)

Length:  2.375"  (60.32mm)

  • A: 2.835" (72mm)
  • B: .875" (22.22mm)
  • C: .320" (8.1mm)
  • D: 2.375" (60.32mm)
  • H: 1.285" (32.63mm)
SKU FS906004
Brand Forespar
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