29mm single Plain bearing block Grey

Length: 48mm

Line Diameter: 8mm

Break Load: 250kg

MDL: 140kg

Weight plain bearing: 13g

Weight ball bearing: 24g

SKU: A.178-Grey

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Sheave Ø
Max Line Ø
Cheek Material
Sheave material
bearing material
bearing type
Block attachment

The Allen classic nylon sheet blocks can be used in a number of applications.

Available either with a plain bearing system or ball bearing system, they have been adopted by the Laser® class as the block of choice for use on the mainsheet system.

SKU: A.178

Length: 48mm

Sheave Diameter: 25mm

Max Line Diameter: 8mm

Breaking Load: 250kg

Max Working Load: 140kg

Weight: 13g

SKU A.178
Brand Allen Brothers
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