Boomstrut for Boats 30 To 35ft/9m to 10.5m

Suitable for boats 9m to 10.5m

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Patented flexing spring provides fast response and a constant force for vang efficiency.

The boomstrut's lightweight, low-profile design features two flexible coated fibreglass rods which provide the force to support the boom. Pulling the boom downwith a conventional kicker causes the Boomstrut to flex upwards; releasing straightens the rods, thereby lifting and supporting the boom.

With no extra parts or drilling required and is simply tied off at the mast to secure in place, negating the need for drilling. At the top of the rods, a fully adjustable webbing cradle supports the boom and as the cradle is not directly attached to the boom, it does not restrict the boom from rolling around its central axis to follow the sail when reefing.


Pin to Pin length:  1320mm

Max amount rods can be shortened to fit inside vang area:  150mm

Max amount of available pin to pin travel when flexed:  400mm

Max stroke at full adjustment:  200mm

Downward force the Boomstrut will support at the point of the boom fitting attachment:  230kg

Max tip weight before installing the Boomstrut:  19kg


For more information view the installation and parts list.

SKU: B-44035

Suitable for boats 9m to 10.5m

SKU B-44035
Brand Barton Marine

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