Marelon® - Marine Grade Plumbing Systems

Author: Forespar   Date Posted:9 July 2020 

In the late 1970’s we (Forespar) undertook a search for a material that could replace the traditional bronze plumbing components used in boats.

Forespar Marelon PumbingThe frequency of severe and often catastrophic corrosion and the problem of conductivity in bronze had long been a source of frustration for yacht designers and boat builders. Also, owners had to deal with the risks and cost of the ancient metal in their modern boats. The inherent tendency for bronze to degrade through electrolysis was increasingly becoming a safety issue in the recreational marine industry.

Our development of Marelon® plumbing components eliminated the corrosion/electrolysis issues with a superior engineered composite polymer material. It is also less than half the weight of comparable bronze fittings, U.V. stabilized, and will not support combustion - making Marelon® a logical choice for today’s modern composite hull forms (fiberglass, carbon and Kevlar laminates) in recreational and performance powerboats and sailboats.

Over the last quarter century there have been many thousands of Marelon® installations exposed to the extremes of Alaskan waters and Northern European cruising and fishing grounds and the heat and vibration found in engine compartments.

Information supplied:

• Certification summary

• ISO 9093-2 Certification

• ISO and ABYC certificates
• Comparison Chart

• Marelon vx Bronze weights

• Physical properties

• Chemical Resistance

• USCG Imana Labs Fire Test

• Marelon® Exceeds American Boat and Yacht Council 

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