Frequently Asked Questions

As a Distributor, we have put together a few of the most common questions we get asked here at DeckHardware.

What does Backorder mean when viewing a product?

This varies depending on the brand, it is best to call us or use our live chat if you have any questions on this. We try to hold stock items based on turnover.

Do you have a shop front? 

As we are a distributor we have a warehouse in Brookvale, NSW open to Trade Customers and Click & Collect Customers. It is not a shop front which does mean we can be tricky to find in our complex.

Are you open weekends?

As a distributor, we are only open Monday to Fridays. 

I have placed an order, why can't I pay?

Freight is calculated by our Team for each order to ensure we find the right option for you based on cost and time frame. This is calculated once we receive your order. Our office will then contact you if there are changes for your approval and payment.

What is DeckHardware?

We are a distributor who represents Brands in the region. As a distributor, we try to showcase the full range of products available on our website. As demand increases on an item we add it to the range we try to hold stock for.

How often do you get shipments from your Suppliers?

Some of our Brands are weekly, especially during the Summer months. Some brands are fortnightly or monthly due to freight options from the region and product sizes.

As an Importer and Distributor, you can find our product range in Australia through a wide range of Chandleries, Boat Builders, Riggers, Sailmakers, Shipwrights and more. 

We know finding what you are after can be hard without a product name, we hope this helps


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