Colour your Judgement

Author: Allen Brothers   Date Posted:27 June 2017 

Many of the anodised aluminium fittings Allen offers are now available in Black, Blue, Silver, Gold, Orange and Purple. Tiller extensions are available in Black, Silver, Graphite, Red and Blue.

Allen Micro round Aluminium thimbleThe small tiller extensions, as for the Optimist, are available in all these colours, plus Orange and purple. Carbon Tiller Extensions are also available. 

This gives you the very real benefit of being able to identify multiple rope systems by colour coding. Ovington 29er and 49ers use this system. It also means you can “pimp your ride”, personalising your boat so it stands out from the crowd.

Micro Round Aluminium Thimble

Thimbles - high load teflon coated anodised machined aluminium - alternative to blocks where static load is applied. All sizes are available in black, blue, silver, purple, gold and orange. 

Also available in stainless steel.

Allen Deck Bush

8mm X 13mm Deck Bush and 13mm X 16mm Deck Bush

Machined aluminium anodised in a range of colours.


Also available Threaded Deck Bush Version.

Following the success of the anodised through deck bushes Allen launched during the later half of 2016.

Allen Threaded Deck Bush

They were asked by many customers to design and make a double sided threaded bush, well here it is.

A8439 with 8mm bore and lengths of 9, 13, & 17mm

A8539 with 12mm bore and lengths of 9, 13 & 17mm

Range of depth 9mm is 9 -14mm, 13mm is 13 -18mm and the 17mm is 17– 22mm.


Allen XHL Blocks

30mm Extra High Load Block 

The 2030XHL is a high load, 30mm block in CNC machined anodized aluminium.

Available in a variety of dazzling colours and featuring a precision turned stainless steel sheave, it was designed for exceptional performance in classes such as the International Moth where loads can crush the bearing surfaces of traditional blocks.  This strength is delivered via a new extreme high load bearing system.  

Capable of withstanding a static load in excess of one tonne and a dynamic working load of 300kg these blocks are pushing the boundaries of small block performance.


Allen Dog Bones

Allen Dog Bones anodised in 6, 8, 12 and 16mm

User-friendly and simpler means of rope attachment in a range of Allen anodised colours.


Allen Tiller Extensions

High grade aluminium tiller extensions with rubber golf club handle grips.

Available in Red, Blue, Black or Silver anodising.


Allen Tiller Extensions   Allen Tiller Extension sizes