Common Questions for Hatches, Ports and Windows Quotes

Author: DeckHardware   Date Posted:15 January 2021 

When it comes to requesting quotes we have some forms that you will find on our website to help us through this process.

Man Ship PortsThese can either be filled out online or printed off and emailed at a later date.

The most common things we need to know before we can provide a quote estimate include:

  • Cutout size or Hole size, not the overall 
  • Type - the style, rectangular / oval / round / irregular
  • Spigot size - Also known as thickness of where it's to be mounted
  • Fixing method - screwed or bolted with or without trim
  • Material - Acylic or Glass insert
    • Tinting also sometimes an option

As well as the information on the product section of our website you can find the Catalogues and additional technical information in our Catalogues section of the website: 

Man Ship Marine Section focuses on products includes stainless hatches, stainless portholes and aluminium boat windows.    

View the Catalogue and Technical Info

The world renowned and instantly recognisable Houdini deck hatch has been in production for over fifty years.

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Man Ship Hatch Quote Request Online Form

Man Ship Ports Quote Request Online Form

Man Ship Windows Quote Request Online Form

Houdini Hatch Quote Request Online Form


Quote Request forms and Ordering information for the range of Man Ship Marine Hatches, Ports and Windows.

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