PROtect Rope

PROtect ROPE is a smart and clever idea to identify your ropes, halyards, running rigging and sheets. Made of heat shrink polyolefine tube with shrink ratio 2:1, available in different diameters to cover all possible needs. Simply insert the tube at the end of rope you want to identify forever, gently heat the tube using a suitable heat gun, hair dryer or just boiling water and the tube will wrap up it.

You can write on it some relevant rope information for you (use, manufacturer, configuration, sailing hours, ect) with a permanent marker pen and log it using the unique serial number. You can easily identify them on-board, in your container or van.

Typical applications:

  • mooring lines
  • ropes
  • halyards
  • running rigging
  • sheets

Part code       Unshrinked            Shrinked              Lenght
PRW125-2     12.70mm (½")       6.35mm (¼")       100mm (4")   
PRW190-2     19.00mm (¾")       9.50mm (⅜")       100mm (4")   
PRW254-2     25.4mm (1")         12.70mm (½")      100mm (4")   
PRW125-2S   12.70mm (½")       6.35mm (¼")       100mm (4")   Serialized
PRW190-2S   19.00mm (¾")       9.50mm (⅜")       100mm (4")   Serialized
PRW125-2S   25.40mm (½")      12.70mm (½")      100mm (4")   Serialized

White, others available on demand.