PROtect Tapes Loopx

PROtect LOOPX combines pressure sensitive tapes with embedded high strength fibers both made of UHMWPE.

The thin and strong adhesive has two functions: to hold the longitudinal fiber in the desired position and to guarantee the adhesion between layers when the loop is manually made.

The fibers are extremely light, just 930 grams for 10,000 linear meter and this leads to an extremely high strength on weight basis, making it the strongest man made tape. With LOOPX high load loops such as bobstays, runner attachments and soft attach blocks or small loops with high strength do not any longer require skills and expertise, complex sequence of operations, complicated steps and tools.

It is very practical, translucent, extremely light but strong. Anybody can make his own loop in the length required, even very small and in just few minutes. The first part of the tape is without adhesive to easily make the first turn and then the adhesive initially protected by the liner guarantees the adhesion of the first and the following turns. A special ruler (metric and imperial), a label to fix it and some adhesive will help you in making the perfect loop and in few minutes

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