Series 10 Blocks

Schaefer's 10 Series blocks feature Stainless Steel cheeks, forged "D" shackles, Universal head swivels, Stainless Steel straps for exceptional strength and your choice of either Lexan or Schaefer's High performance "UC" sheaves. Lexan sheaves use our Nomex(tm)/Teflon(tm) bearings for high strength and a low-friction bearing surface. "UC" sheaves use this bearing as well as a self-contained circuit of Delrin(tm) ball bearings for a very smooth and strong block.

Mainsheet Systems: boats to 46' (14m)

Halyard Leads: boats to 46' (14m)

Genoa Leads boats to 46' (14m)

Control Lines: boats to 60' (18.3m)