We distribute a range of sheaves designed for sailors for use with wire or rope. Offered in a variety of materials by Marine Brands, including Plain Bearing, Ball Bearing, and High Load options.

Our range of Sheaves has also been used in numerous Industrial applications.

Allen Sheaves are made from acetal resin, aluminium, or stainless steel and feature either ball or plain bearings.

Allen sheaves come in a wide range of sizes and configurations to suit all applications whether it is replacing old or worn existing parts or to build a custom fitting yourself.

Antal produces a wide range of sheaves for series "Mini", "Composite Fibre" and "Tulip".

Turning Sheaves are mounted aft of a set of rope clutches, the turning sheave redirects each line to the most suitable winch. Mounting screws, nuts and washers included.

Tulip sheaves have a particular groove shape that allows a line lead angle range of 40°. Torsion loads are borne by large lateral ball bearings. Low friction is thus always guaranteed even when the line is deflected. 

Schaefer blocks rely on a variety of sheave designs and materials

Delrin Ball Bearing: Delrin™ sheaves with Delrin™ Ball Bearings are used in line application to reduce friction. To provide the maximum load bearing capability, Schaefer designed their Delrin™ ball bearing sheaves and inner races with curved surfaces to match the ball races. 

Aluminum Universal Circuit Sheaves (UC): These extremely low friction ball bearing sheaves accommodate both line and wire. High strength self-contained Delrin™ bearing package and Nomex™/Teflon™ self-lubricating bushing is used in all “UC” sheaves. The combined benefits of the design mean easier turning under the heaviest of loads.