Cheek and Foot Blocks

We have a selection of Cheek and Foot Blocks in stock in our warehouse, plus an even broader range that can be ordered if they are showing as back order.

Allen has a range of cheek blocks that use the same patented Dynamic bearing technology, which comprises of high-quality stainless steel ball bearings running on stainless steel rails. Allen produce both composite and mixed composite/stainless steel blocks.

Antal has a range of Horizontal deck blocks with one or two sheaves (mounting screws, nuts and washers included).

Barton Marine has a range of cheek and foot blocks made out of marine grade aluminium or glass reinforced nylon side cheeks. There are options for both wire and cordage and in single or double block options.

Schaefer Marine Flat Base Cheek Blocks: Flat, Stainless base plate distributes loads to a larger surface area than other designs that place the loads on mounting blocks only. Use on spars and deck to lead sheets, halyards, reefing gear and any control requiring a strong, smooth lead.

Schaefer Marine Curved Base Cheek Blocks: Unique curved base plate fits up to 2" (51mm) diameter spa section for easy mounting. Excellent for control line leads on dinghies and small day sailors.