BHP - Hydraulic Panel

Bamar Hydraulic Panel Bamar Hydraulic Panel is a hand pump supplied with gauge, release valve and 4-function selector knob (only for multi-function devices), for easy and quick control of cylinders on board.

A 4-position selector that allows for a quick and safe use even in worst conditions characterizes function selection
The system is provided with a pressure gauge, which makes pressure reading easy and fast.
For plants with more than 4 functions, we may supply an optional selector extending the BHP panel to a maximum of 7 functions.

Moreover, it is supplied with a pressure relief valve to protect the boat’s hydraulic plant (max pressure 345 Bar – 5000 PSI).
The pump is centred on the lower part of the panel, in order to give a better mechanical advantage and less physical effort.

BHP is available with a single speed pump and offers a double speed auto-shift pump as an option. The latter triples the oil flow at low pressure for a quick take-up and then automatically moves to a slower speed when pressure gets to a preset level.

High flow valves and ports allow panels to be easily interfaced with any hydraulic power pack. Oil flow supplied by the hydraulic power pack is controlled through the BHP system. Fine tuning at high pressure can be completed with the hand pump.

The single function panel can be later converted into multifunction panel with the 4 function conversion unit.

A small single function panel is also available. It may be used for single functions such as:

  • Forestay
  • Backstay

BHP hydraulic panel kit includes:

  • stainless steel or aluminium panel
  • 4-way selector (on multifunction models)
  • stainless steel lever
  • reservoir
  • filter
  • pressure gauge
  • 4 m low pressure plant hose and clamps
Model A mm
1-speed 1 function pump 106
1-speed multi-function pump 118
2-speed 1 function pump 135
2-speed multi-function pump 135


Function 1 1 1 4 (Multi) 4 (Multi)
Speed 1 - 2 1 - 2 1 - 2 1 - 2 1 - 2
Panel aluminium small* aluminium s.s. aluminium s.s.
Weight kg 3,2 3,8 4,8 4,9 5,9

* Single function BHP systems with small panel cannot be transformed into multi-function systems


 Instruction Manual BHP


 Standard Plant Diagram BHP


 Cutting & Drilling Diagram BHP

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