Pad Eyes & U Bolt

Allen's U Bolt's are designed to withstand high loads without distortion. 316 Stainless Steel. Supplied with top plate, backing plate and nuts.

Antal has three types of Pad-eye: U pad-eyes , 4 screwes pad-eyes, Screwed eye-bolts. U pad-eyes. Made of AISI 316 stainless steel. They can be fitted with a block and a “stand-up” spring. 4 screwes pad-eyes. These models, made in AISI 316 s. steel, are fixed to the deck with 4/6 screws that guarantee the best distribution of the load, making them the right solution for heavy loads. They can be fitted with a block and a “stand-up” spring. Screwed eye-bolts. Made of AISI 316 stainless steel. This solution allows an easy removal of the eyebolt from the deck. They can be fitted with a block and a “stand-up” spring. Blocks with screwed eyebolts include: block with spring and (removable) eyebolt and the base (fixed to the deck). The same base is suitable for blocks of different sizes: same base for 70 and 80 mm blocks, same for 100 and 120 mm blocks and one for 140, 150 and 180 mm.

Forespar have a range of Mast Pad Eye's to complement their medium size Whisker Poles (LC 10-18), Forespar® designed the stainless steel PE-3SF & PE-3SC Mast Pad Eyes. Measuring 2.750" x 2.000", both pad eyes have inside ring diameters of 1.625". PE-3SF is for flat mast surfaces. PE-3SC is slightly bent to better accommodate a curved mast.

Schaefer Welded Ring pad eyes are fabricated from high quality Stainless Steel rod with stamped bases. Schaefer's Investment Cast Pad eyes are heavy-duty pad eyes, investment cast from high quality Stainless Steel for a high degree of accuracy and strength. The first step in this process involves making a wax part from a master or permanent die. The wax part is then used in temporary or a series of temporary molds. The actual parts are then cast from the mold without any wear to the permanent die to ensure accurate casting each time. Backing plates from SS are available for every investment cast pad eye.