Line Control™ Whisker Poles

Forespar's most popular Whisker Pole, the Line Control™ is a telescoping adjustable length whisker pole design. This simple system allows you to quickly and easily extend or retract the pole with the pull of a line.

All length adjustments are made from the mast end of the pole by simply un-cleating the control line, extending or retracting the pole to the proper length, and then re-cleating the line. This eliminates the need to go forward to manually adjust the length, which makes pole deployment much safer.

  • Line Control Whisker Poles by ForesparPerfect Choice For Boats 28 ft and Up
  • Line Controlled Length Adjustments From Mast End
  • Customizable Mast Connections and Ends
  • Fitted With Polymer Non-marring Pole Ends
  • Fully Retractable For Compact Onboard Storage
  • Topping Lift Attachment Points Included

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