Houdini Marine Fixed Windows

Houdini Fixed WindowHoudini fixed windows are their most popular product, available in many shapes and sizes to suit any application.

Houdini can supply these windows using either their through-fix or clamp section frames.  For more information on variations refer to the data sheets in the Houdini catalogue.


  • Glazing is wet sealed into the frames to ensure a joint-free long lasting weatherproof seal
  • Where mitred corners are required along the lower edges of a window, we normally weld the mitre joint to ensure maximum strength, rigidity and watertightness.


  • Both single and double glazed fixed windows are available
  • Fixed windows can be supplied pre-cut for a clear view to provide maximum visibility in inclement weather.  Please advise us of the make and model of your clear view screen and we will ensure the cut-out is a perfect fit.
  • We can supply electrically heated glazing to minimise misting and provide defrosting

Glazing Curved Surfaces - fixed and direct bonded windows can be fitted to slightly curved structures, depending on the thickness of glass.  For example, with 6mm glazing the curvature can be up to 3% (10mm out-of-plane for every 300mm length) which is adequate for most vessels. 



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