Man Ship Economy Opening Ports

Man Ship Marine Economy Opening PortsMan Ship Marine Economy Opening Ports are Custom made to suit your boat or home.

  • 316 stainless steel machined stamped frames. ports and hinges. Hand Polished and electro polished to provide long lasting protection against corrosion.
  • Wing type nylon closures.
  • Weather resistant themo-plastic PVC gasket.
  • Optional fibreglass screens with rubber gaskets to ensure a tight fit on the inside of the opening port.
  • Clear or Tanned Acrylic.
  • H Trim available
  • CE Approved. According to ISO/DIS 12216. EE, EO & ER type are supplied to Area III, IV. Designs for craft type "any".

Standard spigot size    1 1/4" 32mm, 1 1/2" 38mm, 2" 51mm, 2 1/2' 63mm, 3" 76mm, 3 1/2" 89mm

Special Spigot size "G" available from 1" 25mm ` 5" 125mm

The spigot measurement is needed while ordering H Trim

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