Man Ship Heavy Duty Ports

Man Ship Marine Heavy Duty PortholeMan Ship Marine Heavy Duty Ports are Custom made to suit your boat or home.

Suitable for Steel and Aluminium Boat construction.

  • 316 stainless machined rolled frames. Hand polishing to protect against corrosion.
  • Set screw adjustment in each hinge to adjust the proper pressure against the gasket.
  • CE Approved. According to ISO/DIS 12216. TLS, TLSO TLSR type are applied to Area III, IV. Designs for craft type "any". CTLS, CTLSO, CTLSR type are applied to Area I, II, III, IV. Designs for craft type "any". CTLSR-1400 are also applied to Area II, III, IV.

A high percentage of Man Ship Marine products are custom made to suit your needs.  For more Information, please contact Phil via Email or call our office on 02 9905 9400.


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Man Ship Marine Heavy Duty Porthole     Man Ship Marine Heavy Duty Porthole

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