Marine Plumbing

We have a comprehensive selection of Boat Plumbing parts such as Seacocks, Ball Valves, Thru-hulls / Skin Fittings, Water Strainers, Vents, Hose Connectors, Sink Wastes, Deck Fills, and Drains and Drain Plugs, all provided by the brands we distribute.

Forespar Marelon® Marine Plumbing offers durable, lightweight, and internationally approved underwater systems that will provide you with years of hassle-free, non-corrosive, and electrolysis-free use.

Marelon® is the contemporary substance utilized in marine plumbing systems. Its unique blend of polymer composite compounds, including resins and additives, creates an extremely strong marine-grade product that is a non-corrosive proprietary formulation and does not experience the same degradation as traditional bronze marine plumbing components.

Forespar Marelon Plumbing Valve 93 Series

Forespar's fully integrated Marelon® “93 Series” Seacocks & Thru-hulls are designed to provide easy installation with a wide variety of valve port configurations. 

We have been the distributor for Forespar in this region for many years, which has given us extensive familiarity with the range of boat plumbing fittings available in their product line.

Marine Grade Glass Reinforced Composite Polymer Plumbing

  • For Use Above or Below Waterline
  • Extremely Builder Customizable
  • Exclusive Polymer Formulation that will never corrode
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to 80°C

For access to the Installation Instructions, Maintenance tips, and Certifications, please visit the Forespar Marine Plumbing Catalogues and tech sheets section of our website.

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