Water Strainer

Forespar has two styles of Water Strainers made of Marelon®. All Forespar Water Strainers come with standard 1-1/2" NPSM threading.

The Water Strainer MF 810 is made of Marelon® (the same material as Forespar's valves).  It features a universal mounting bracket and clear polycarbonate lid for ready inspection. Forespar recommends the MF810 for higher-flow scenarios where space for a larger strainer unit is available.

Also Available is the new T-150 Water Strainer providing a compact installation alternative for raw water filtration without compromising filtration rates.

It features a T-Head body design and a unique mounting bracket that allows the T-150 to be installed in tight or hard-to-reach locations where traditional raw water strainers will not fit. Despite its smaller size, it offers all the benefits of traditional “top basket” strainers.

The clear moulded polycarbonate filter bucket screws onto the Marelon® housing and offers easy viewing of the stainless steel filter basket without removal. 

Forespar offers a wide variety of straight and right-angle adapters and tailpipes for compatibility with any installation scenario on your boat

For more information on Forespar's marine plumbing products go to our Catalogues and Tech Sheets.

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