Carbon Whisker Pole

Light Air Carbon Whisker PoleForespar's Velocity™ Series offers an two-piece telescoping carbon fiber whisker poles that quickly adjusts to the necessary length using a 2:1 line control type system. Extremely lightweight, Velocity poles can be quickly deployed, adjusted and retracted as needed with a simple pull of a line to match the clew position of almost any jib, genoa or asymmetrical sail.

All Velocity™ poles feature non-marring Ultra Series™ UXP composite polymer pole ends that can be attached to the mast using a mast car or fixed mast mount. Each pole comes standard with a matte textured EZ Grip finish.

The light air solution for boats up to 42 feet in Maximum Length

  • Two-Piece Full Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Mast End Line Controlled Length Adjustment
  • Extremely Lightweight for Easy Deployment & Storage
  • Standard Matte Finish
  • Boat Length Not to Exceed 42’ L.O.A.

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