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LIROS is one of the leading manufacturers of paragliding and kite lines worldwide. The LIROS range is developed with leading pilots and glider manufacturers.

High precision during braiding and winding process guarantees highest safety and performance with LIROS Flightsport lines.

LIROS wide range of kitelines for Tube and Bridle-Kites which are all manufactured to the highest possible specification giving the best performance.

Bridle Lines: LIROS DC and LIROS Bridle Line

Sleeve Covers: LIROS PC

Flying Lines: LIROS DC Pro and LIROS DC

DePower Lines: LIROS DePower Lines

Leader Lines: LIROS Magic High-Trim, LIROS DePower Lines and LIROS D-Pro

*LIROS Flightsport lines may come 6 pieces to a 1000/500m spool. No line will be shorter than 25m. Spool Length for most Flighstport lines is 1000m if you would like more details contact us.


LIROS Flightsport Catalogue   LIROS Flightsport Catalogue

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