D-Pro Vision Dyneema® Rope

The LIROS D-Pro Vision Dyneema Ropes is an advanced rope with a contemporary two-tone appearance, constructed from the renowned high-strength Dyneema® SK78 fibre. 

Long-lasting safety is ensured in practical use through the combination of excellent resistance to abrasion, the lightest weight and a high level of UV stability. 

The LIROS D-Pro Vision Dyneema Ropes is unmatched in its ability to be used as both a winch rope or as a line on sailing boat decks, thanks to its exceptional distinctiveness in active use. Its high strength and ability to be easily spliced make it a versatile option for various applications with heavy loads, making it indispensable. 

Dyneema Ropes can be used as a replacement for steel cabling in many technical applications and sports.

  • very high breaking loads with the smallest diameter and lowest weight
  • modern two-colour design
  • first choice for any application under extreme loads
  • very spliceable
  • highly UV stable and abrasion resistant
  • LIROS-Heat-Stretch-System guarantees optimal breaking loads and elongation values.
  • LIROS-Coating- System
  • DSM's Bio-Based Dyneema® is an alternative form of the popular material that is derived from biological sources. 

Material: Dyneema® SK78 coated

Construction: 12-plaited, heat-set and coated

Code: 01508

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