D-Pro Static

LIROS D-Pro Static is the only Dyneema® product with no creep. 

Ideal for any application where dimensional stability is critical (outhaul, backstay, dinghy shrouds).  Also suitable for static lines in industrial or other water sport applications.

  • No creep Dyneema® DM20
  • High breaking load with smallest diameter and lowest weight
  • Exceptionally easy to splice
  • High UV-stable, excellent abrasion resistance
  • LIROS Coating System

As an innovative company, LIROS pioneered the technical braiding with the extremely high-strength fibre Dyneema®. We offer an extremely wide range of braided Dyneema®, tailor-made to your specifications. LIROS aim to replace wire cables with textile alternatives. Heat treatment and coating can also greatly enhance the technical properties for many applications.