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PROtect BOW is a new range of stickers for bow number and advertising made of bioplastic films that use renewable resources to reduce environmental impact.

The solution has been designed for a sustainable end of life while guaranteeing similar performances of traditional products.
At the end of the racing series the sticker removed from the boat can be disposed with the organic waste because made of biodegradable and compostable materials.

Unfortunately some stickers do peel off from the hull while racing because of poor application, water splashes and sprays, then dragged by the waves, currents and tides and generally end up on the beaches or deposit on the bottom of the sea.

The potential damage caused by the stickers released at sea is mitigated by rapid biodegradation.

The marine biodegradation of material used for PROtect BOW # takes place even in natural conditions, such as the marine environment, relatively quickly.

In fact, samples of were exposed to marine sediments taken from the coastal area and the biodegradation was followed by monitoring the metabolization carried out by bacteria that “digest" the bioplastic and the biodegradation have been achieved relatively quickly, less than 1 year.

In particular, the biodegradation of the materials tested was more than 90% absolute or relative to a reference material, such as cellulose.

Bioplastic films are suggested for 7/10 days events while for shorter event we recommend stickers made of special paper deriving from residue of sugar cane, highly sustainable from the point of view of the production process compared to FSC and recycled papers.

PROtect Tapes offer a turn key solution for racing event organizers by printing (including variable data) and die cutting the stickers to supply the whole set for the event.

Typical applications:
- bow numbers
- hull advertising

If you require further assistance please contact us.

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