XT Winches - Antal

15 self-tailing winches available in the following variations:

  • Hard Black aluminium (AL):  the aluminium drum is hard black anodised and teflon coated, scratch-proof and very hard wearing.
  • Chrome (CH):  the drum, ST disks and ST arm are entirely chrome plated.  All chrome parts are highly polished, thickly nickel-plated and finally finished in chrome.
  • Race (R):  racing series obtained by lightening the previous series AL.
  • Classic (CHC and BNC):  entirely made of chromed or natural bronze.

Moreover, an electric and hydraulic powered series are also available.

Antal winches have a three year warranty.

Simple Opening:  just unscrew the upper ring to immediately dismantle the winch for an easy of cleaning and maintenance.

Self-Tailing XT System:  Fixed upper disk with built in ST arm and self-regulating lower disk on springs.  The self-tailing adapts automatically to a wide range of rope diameters and, if overloading occurs, releases the line to avoid excess force on the ST arm.

Knurling:  the drum vertical knurling offers maximum horizontal friction allowing the rope "slide" upwards.  

Differentiated grip (aluminium drums only):  minimum friction on the lower part where loads are higher and maximum at the top where loads are minimal.  the result is an even grip along the entire drum

CNC Base:  machined CNC (computer numeric control machines) is lighter and stronger than normal castings; aluminium made, hard black anodised and teflon coated.  Easy removal from the winch makes maintenance a simple affair. 

Classic Series Winches (CHC) are supplied not only with a chromed drum, ST disks and ST arm, as the chrome series models (CH), but also with a chromed lower skirt, thus being completely chromed.  The chrome-plating is carried out with great care to guarantee maximum durability.  First the unit are highly polished, then thickly nickel-plated and finally finished in chrome.

Polished Bronze:  on request, Antal classic winches can be supplied (with drum, ST disks, ST arm and skirt) entirely made of polised bronze (add/BNC after the winch model)  


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