75mm Stainless Steel Blocks

This stainless steel series, with a traditional design, is conceived especially for classic boats.

The line includes 6 different sizes with diameters from 65 to 180 mm and Safe Working Load up to 9000 kg. Perfectly polished AISI 316 stainless steel cheekplates and accessories, fully rounded corners for greater manageability, nuts and bolts replaced by pins and recessed screws to eliminate any protruding parts. The composite fibre sheave. The resin (aluminium on larger mod) sheave runs on the main Composite Fibre bearing and on a ground s.steel hub: low friction highloads - no lubricant required. The self-captive side ball bearing reduces the friction and makes disassembling, cleaning and maintenance very easy.

Blocks Ø 65 e 75 are available with cam-cleat adjustable in three different positions.