XHL Blocks - Allen

Once you have made the ultimate block, how do you improve on it? We set a new standard for extreme performance when we introduced the A2030XHL block in 2015, so introducing different sizes to make it relevant to a wider range of applications seemed the obvious route. The new A2020XHL and its big brother the A2040XHL are already setting new performance benchmarks in extreme sailing.

The XHL range has been designed to deal with extremely high loads without compromising on low load dynamic performance. By combining the Allen patented dynamic bearing technology with a plain bearing peek washer we have created a bearing technology that has extreme dynamic performance even after being subject to static loads of up to 1500Kg. Coupled with CNC machined aluminium side cheeks and a precision turned stainless-steel sheave the range is perfect for use in vang cascades or halyard turning points where loads can be extremely high.

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