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LIROS Rope GuideThe LIROS Ropes Guide for Sailing Ropes shows options for those looking for Performance and Cruising.

Choosing what Rope to use on your Yacht can be a difficult decision and a very personal choice.

If you ask three people even here at DeckHardware you will often get three different suggestions on what to use where. Some like ropes that are soft to touch, others go for hard covers while some like a particular way a rope flicks out of a cleat. The LIROS Yacht Rope Guide is a great place to start when looking to narrow down your selection. 

All of the LIROS Ropes production is carefully monitored by experienced technicians during every stage of manufacture to ensure complete satisfaction in the most demanding applications.

For smaller diameters, also look at our Dinghy Ropes which includes a number of performance lines.

LIROS Ropes produces custom lines including 420, 470, Dragon, Etchells and Optimist Tapered Sheets. 


LIROS Ropes Specifications

LIROS Ropes Racing Recommendations

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