Manual Winches - Antal

Antal offers a wide range of manual winches, with one, two or three speeds. Standard black aluminium, Race black aluminium, and classic chromed and natural bronze versions are available. Choices include both self-tailing and non self-tailing winches. Learn what winch size Antal suggest for each maneuver/boat size in the Winch selection guide.

There are three series of standard winches:

  • one direct speed winches, small and fast models for boats up to 6-7m
  • two speed winches, direct and reduced: medium size models for boats up to 9-10m
  • two reduced speed winches, medium-large size models for boats up to 12-13m

Classic Series Winches (CHC) are supplied not only with a chromed drum, ST disks and ST arm, as the chrome series models (CH), but also with a chromed lower skirt, thus being completely chromed.  The chrome-plating is carried out with great care to guarantee maximum durability.  First the unit are highly polished, then thickly nickel-plated and finally finished in chrome.

Polished Bronze:  on request, Antal classic winches can be supplied (with drum, ST disks, ST arm and skirt) entirely made of polised bronze (add/BNC after the winch model)  

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