Houdini Marine Direct Bonded Windows

Houdini Direct Bonded WindowsDirect bonded fixed windows do not have frames and are bonded directly to the vessel structure.  This glazing technique is becoming more popular with production boat builders and with designers as it allows striking shapes to easily be created with clean attractive lines.

When direct bonding glass into a boat the edge of the glass should be screen-printed with a ceramic frit, similar to those found on car windscreens, to prevent ultra violet degradation of the adhesive.  The initial set up costs of the screen-printing means that this technique is normally only cost effective for volume production runs.


  • Frameless glazing is bonded directly onto the outside of the vessel
  • Glazing can be cut to complex shapes allowing for more radical styling than can be achieved with a framed window


  • Width of the solid black ceramic band around the edge of the glass can be varied to suit the styling requirements of the boat


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