Houdini Marine Full-Drop Windows

Houdini Full Drop WindowHoudini Full-drop windows are popular in many commercial vessels where large opening windows are advantageous for ventilation and communication with the crew working on the deck.

The windows are particularly suited to fitting to the side of wheelhouses so there is no obstruction of the side decks when the window is open.

The windows fit internally in the boat and the glass drops down into its own self contained watertight box below the aperture in the structure.  The watertight box is drained by a hose back outside or into the bilges.  Please note that you have to make provision for routing of the drain hose.  Houdini offers two types of full-drop window.

Weather Tight Full-drop Window - available in through-fix frame sections ( see data sheets in catalogue)  with standard seals and optional silencer lock.

Watertight Full-drop Window - allows the operator to make the closed window watertight by clamping the glass against a synthetic rubber seal.  The watertight full-drop window is only available in clamp frame sections (see data sheets in catalogue) for ease of installation.


  • A wiper blade type seal is fitted to the outside face of the sliding glass to provide a high degree of weather tightness.  Any water that does get around this seal automatically drains into the watertight box below the window where it can be drained back outside.
  • All handles are bolted through the glass for strength and durability.


  • A counterbalance system can be fitted into the watertight box to allow easy opening of large heavy windows
  • For smaller windows the friction of the seals is sufficient to hold the opening section in any position.  For larger windows the opening section can be secured in any position by window silencer locks which can also be used to tighten the glass against the seals increased weather tightness
  • Sliding/closing handle options are screw down and finger pull in small (6mm) or large (8mm) sizes



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