Twist Lock Whisker Poles

Twist Lock Whisker PolesTwist Lock Poles For boats 28ft and Under - Telescoping whisker poles models that can be adjusted to the desired length by simply twisting the inner and outer tubes in opposites directions. Tightened, the pole will securely hold its length until it is twisted in the opposite direction. All Twist Lock poles include non-marring, high strength polymer Ultra Series™ pole ends.

  • Perfect Choice For Boats Under 28 ft
  • Length Adjusts With A Simple Twist
  • Includes Non-Marring Ends and Mast Pad Eye

Small Boat Twist Lock Poles - Weighing only 3 pounds, these compact telescoping Twist Lock poles are perfect for daysailors, dinghies and small one-design race boats. All Small Boat poles include strong corrosion-free Lexan end fittings and a Mast Pad Eye with stainless steel screws.

Heavy Duty Telescoping Twist Lock Poles - These telescoping whisker poles are heavy duty two or three section aluminum spars which can be extended to lengths up to 15’ and securely locked in position by an internal twist lock device. These poles feature self-latching Ultra Series™ fittings on the inboard and outboard ends. 

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