Our range of Yacht Winches continues to grow from Standard Winches, Self-Tailing, Electric Winches and Pedestals to the popular Manual Line Drivers and Electric versions.

Also popular the Barton Marine Wincher, a specially designed rubber moulding that fits over the top of standard winches, converting them to self-tailing.

Antal Line DriverThe Antal Line Driver is a clean and efficient deck part whose purpose is to support mainsheet traveler adjustment. It works by connection to a traveler in a closed circuit and it does the job of moving the traveler port and starboard without a winch.

For Antal, Quality is the greatest goal in Antal's winch design, that’s why Antal aim at creating winches that are strong and light.

What characterizes Antal winches are: high quality roller bearings, CNC machined aluminum parts, high-resistance alloy toothed crown gears, low friction axels treatments, differentiated drum knurling. More on this in the full article.

Winch Power and Maximum ForceWinch Power and Maximum Force

To calculate the maximum force (F), first use the tables to find winch power
(P). Assuming the efficiency is 70% and the maximum force exerted on the
handle is 30 kg, the maximum force obtainable will be:
F = 20xP (kg) i.e. twenty times the winch power.
For example, for a model with a winch power 50, the maximum force would
be F = 20x50 = 1000 Kg


Winch Recovery SpeedRecovery Speed

The recovery speed (S) is the length of line recovered with one turn of the
handle. It is the converse of the winch power (P), and can be calculated
using the formula: S = 1600/P (mm) For example, a model with winch
power 50 would have a recovery speed of S = 1600/50 = 32 mm for each
360° turn of the handle.


Contact our office for larger sizes and variations. 

Learn what winch size Antal suggests for each maneuver/boat size in the Winch selection guide 

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