Antal Line Driver

Date Posted:9 January 2019 

A Line Driver is a clean and efficient deck part whose purpose is to support mainsheet traveler adjustment.

It works by connection to a traveler in a closed circuit and it does the job of moving the traveler port and starboard without a winch.

Forget winches

Forget winch handles. Also, forget traveler control maneuvers. You can jibe at the helm alone, because all you need to do in order to adjust the mainsheet car is press the switch. One button for right and one button for left. That is all. Line Driver does away with winches, handles, clutches: you can say it consists of all of these parts together.

Clean layout

The entire body of the Line Driver itself, together with the motor can be housed under deck, leaving a clean cockpit. Line driver clears out these concerns from the deck. A closed circuit with no ‘extra rope’ with two small switches controls the position of the traveler along the main’s track.

Antal Line Driver

How it works

A self-tailing sheave inside the driver grips on the maneuver and allows the automatic circulation of the line in both directions. The toothed sheave does not wear the line and is actually able to efficiently operate even when there is a slack in the circuit.

Line Driver models can be powered or manual. the manual version is much smaller and allows a variety of usages. A part from the mainsheet traveler, it can be used for genoa sliders, or spi pole sliders. In fact, Antal employs Line Drivers outside of the nautic business as well, for sun awnings for instance.

Powered line drivers control a circuit with 2 : 1 control, and the following characteristics:

Motor Car max load Car speed Boats up to
LD 700 watt 800kg 6.0 m/min 60'
LD 1000 watt 1200kg 7.2 m/min 80'
LD 1500 watt 1600kg 7.2 m/min 100'