Vangs, Struts & Yacht Rods

Boom Vangs are primarily used to control the leech of the mainsail by restraining the boom from rising when sailing. This helps eliminate excessive sail twist which when left uncontrolled can make your boat unstable with an increased tendency to roll in waves.

The Barton Boomstrut is available in Six sizes to suit yachts up to 12m/40ft LOA. Patented flexing spring provides fast response and a constant force for vang efficiency.

YACHT ROD™ The High Performance Spring-Loaded Mechanical Boom Vang Precision design in three sizes.  For more information on the Forespar Yacht Rods visit our Catalogues and Tech Sheets.

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The High-Performance Spring-Loaded Mechanical Boom Vang, precision design in three sizes. Excellent vang/boom support for performance cruising and racing.

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