Dynamic Plus

Easy handling, abrasion resistant line with low stretch, premium Polyester cover and Dyneema SK78 Core. Suitable for use as a high-end sheet or low stretch halyard by advanced cruising sailors. LIROS Dynamic Plus is equally effective as a high-performance sheet.

Light weight and low stretch make this rope ideal for cruiser / racer yachtsmen. 

  • flexible abrasion resistant cover
  • Kink-free, low-stretch sheets for cruiser-racers
  • LIROS-Heat-Stretch-System
  • easy to splice and remove cover
  • Stretch characteristics < 2%

Cover: Polyester high-twisted

Core: Coated Dyneema® 6mm and up with additional cover plait

Construction: 3-5mm 16 plaited, 6-8mm 24 plaited, 10-14mm 32 plaited

Code: LR02004