Houdini Marine Hinged Windows

Houdini Hinge out WindowHinged windows can be used for many applications on most types of vessel.  They are generally fitted to the forward facing superstructure and allow the benefits of maximum ventilation and visibility with total watertightness.  We have an extensive range of adjustable friction stays that we use to hold the windows in an open position and we can also fit gas struts to help with the opening of larger and heavier windows.

Hinge out windows are also commonly supplied as secondary emergency exits and handles that allow opening from both inside and outside the vessel.

Windows can be fully or partially hinged (with the remainder of the window fixed) and are available in most shapes and sizes.

Houdini Hinged Window Houdini can supply hinge out windows using either their through-fix or clamp section frames (see data sheets in the Houdini Catalogue) and all of the hinged windows feature the use of synthetic rubber seals for maximum sealing properties.


  • Glazing is wet sealed into the frames to ensure a joint-free long lasting weatherproof seal
  • The joints in the base frame are welded to ensure water tightness and rigidity 
  • The hinged window closes against a top quality synthetic rubber section to ensure an excellent seal

Houdini Part Hinged WindowOptions:

  • Windows are securely closed using heavy duty thumb screws or casement handles
  • Both single and double glazed hinged windows are available
  • Hinges can be reinforced moulded nylon or stainless steel
  • Larger hinged windows can be supported in their open position by either gas struts, stainless steel adjustable stays or aluminium adjustable stays
  • For irregular shaped windows the stays are ball-jointed to ensure smooth operation
  • Hinge in windows are also available



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Houdini hinge opening forward windows

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